Puppets On Pilgrimage, Part III

As multi-media artist Mary Plaster continues to escort four iconic images of the Divine Feminine across country from Duluth, MN, she writes:
“Rachel Carson insisted on driving thru Redwood National Park (with Frida Kahlo as Our Lady of Guadalupe, Elizabeth Cady Stanton as St. Hildegard and Rosa Parks as the Black Madonna. — with Azahar Aguilar at Redwood Regional Park).

Puppets on Pilgrimage – Part II

Four iconic faces of the Goddess are continuing to cross the western U.S. in multimedia artist Mary Plaster’s car, on their way to Saturday’s Cosmic Mass…

Here they are, taking a short breather at Mount Rushmore! From left to right: Elizabeth Cady Stanton as Hildegard of Bingen, Rosa Parks as the Black Madonna, Frida Kahlo as Our Lady of Guadalupe, and Rachel Carson.

The puppets are 8 feet tall and can be worn for dancing during the Mass (the wearer looks out through the puppet’s heart chakra). They also have stands, allowing them to preside over the four altars of the ritual.